Roger McInerney is the founder of, and Senior Partner in, creativeintension. He has over 25 years of experience (learning) working in organisational development, leadership development and change management in Australia and internationally.

He works with the tension within an organisation. – the tension between what we say we want to achieve and what we actually do every day. When corporate objectives are not aligned to business reality he develops and implement strategies that deliver change and culture shift by focusing on the people in the business and the core business values.

Roger is widely trusted and regarded as an outstanding facilitator, mentor and executive coach. He can be found in the Boardroom or on the ‘factory floor’ working at all levels of organisation and with all people in the organisation. Clients and workshop participants often remark that his energy, rapport and approach enable him to gain respect and trust in order to ask difficult and challenging questions.

Roger now works on change programs that start with getting the conditions for success in place at Executive level and then working to create stronger leaders, clearer direction and highly engaged employees. These programs enable companies to coach and develop key individuals into strong leaders who can think through the issues in their workplace to ‘get ahead of the game’ and make clear, value adding decisions within team environments.


There’s not much that John Lund doesn’t know about training, especially the world of competency based training within the Australian System. John has been with Creativeintension and Corelink from the start and serves as the CEO of the RTO and as internal trainer, mentor and Quality Assurance guru.

John has a reputation as a highly effective trainer and coach but more importantly is a role model of integrity and care for people and for his technical work. He is a creative thinker and we have yet to confront a problem that he could not solve.

Talk to John if you have any training or assessment related issues and he will always find a way to add value.







Blazena is a kind and gentle soul who brings balance to our organisation by reminding us to breathe. A qualified Yoga instructor and practitioner of mindfulness, Blazena can work with you and your team to share strategies for self-care and care for others.

She runs in-house yoga sessions for our staff and supports the delivery of our other programs with tailored contributions as required.

Blazena also assists in the running of the RTO and conducts much of the general administrative support functions for us.







Ross Judd is a deeply intuitive and insightful facilitator who works effectively ‘in the moment’ to provide evidence and elicit strategies that result in positive change.

Ross brings an excellent blend of practical experience from his twenty years involvement in the retail, learning and training industries, and also from his formal qualifications in Communications.

As a coach, consultant, and trainer, Ross brings an excellent blend of practical experience and formal qualifications to his work. Ross specialises in developing individuals to become better leaders, managers, and to create better teams. The ultimate goal is for the individual and the organisation to be more productive and effective.

Ross holds a Masters in Communication Management, majoring in Human Resource Development. He is also a Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an accredited Facilitator 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DiSC and in Situational Leadership, as well as in the Human Synergistic Tools: LSI, OCI and GSI.