Creating a healthy, functional organisation is critical to your success. Too often we see companies that employ talented individuals only to see them fail to live up to their promise. This is, in most part, due to the failure of the organisation to create the space in which the individual can flourish.

We know this wouldn’t happen at your place but some organisations are quite unhealthy – even toxic.

Surely the primary focus of organisation design should be to create the conditions (physical and psychological space) in which people can feel set up to succeed and to grow as they do their work.


We believe that the interplay of Vision & Strategy with Systems, Structure and Leadership set the conditions for organisational health and the organisation’s culture. We’ll work with you to think through these elements to create the right design for your organisation.

Of course getting the design right is only one part of the hard work. The rest is about sustained leadership and the ability to engage people to join in on the journey.